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10 Malibu Drug Rehab Centers to Consider for Treatment

malibu drug rehab

With the right treatment modalities and professional rehabilitation help, addicts can take back control of their lives. And what better way to fight back against substance abuse than in a serene environment? Case in point—Malibu! As elaborated below, Malibu Rehab is great option for anyone looking for help with drug and alcohol addiction.

Living with drug and alcohol addiction is a burden for others and a dark time for the patients! In addition to the life-threatening risk of a drug overdose or accidents—there’s the soul-sucking emotional distress and a low sense of self-worth that accompanies substance abuse.

But regardless of how empty feel or how deep the problem is entrenched in your life, there is always a shimmer of hope. Drug addiction is a mental condition that can be tackled! All you need is medication, treatment, support, and compassion from those around you.

Malibu and Drug Rehab Centers

– The Greatest Love Story

Malibu is nearly synonymous with drug rehabilitation centers—and for good reason. The “Mecca” of rehabs is home to a sprawling number of facilities that boast of several high-profile clientele. But what attracts so many patients and rehab facilities to the coastal city of Malibu? Here are some factors that make Malibu one of the best locations for rehab centers and recovering patients:

  • Picturesque Scenery: Malibu is easily one of the most serene locations in the U.S. It’s characterized by a natural landscape that inherently calms your nerves. From the canyons, ocean views, caves, coves, mountains, hiking trails – the natural beauty makes Malibu look like a vacation destination. Waking up to a breath-taking view of the beach or breathing fresh air in a calm environment is a welcome escape from the stress and noise of crowded, chaotic cities.
  • Supportive Culture: In addition to the scenery, Malibu is well-known for the laid-back beach lifestyle of its community. You’ll often find residents enjoying the sandy beaches and engaging in tons of fun/healthy activities. Malibu is also home to various healthy food joints and restaurants—with healthy foods being an important part of recovery and general well-being. This makes the coastal city a perfect place to find the inner peace and serenity needed to fight back against addiction – i.e., it keeps stress and other triggers at bay.
  • Luxury Accommodations: Looking for comfortable, luxury accommodation? It doesn’t get better than Malibu rehabs. Most Malibu drug rehab centers offer top-of-the-range services and accommodation facilities to ensure your experience is as seamless as possible. This fosters peace of mind—knowing all your needs will be catered for with utmost professionalism.
  • Addiction Recovery Resources: Malibu rehab centers also have a rapport for their impressive success rates. Unsurprisingly, several celebrities have sought help in Malibu Rehab Centers—with most of them coming out stronger than before. This includes the likes of Britney Spears, Mel Gibson, Robert Downey Jr., Diana Ross, and David Hasselhoff, to name a few.
Malibu Rehab
Malibu Rehab

10 Malibu Drug Rehab Centers To Consider

For people who’ve made the noble decision to turn their lives around and kick addiction to the curb, below are Malibu drug rehabs to help you out in your journey.

  1. Oro House Malibu Rehab

Oro Malibu Rehab Center
Oro House Malibu Rehab Center

Oro, Spanish for “Gold,” represents the standard of clinical excellence that Oro constantly strives for. But even more significantly for the treatment center, it represents the alchemical gold that is produced in the recovery process. The Malibu facility is an award-winning rehab center – voted #1 Treatment Center in Malibu for 3 consecutive years by Malibu Choice Awards.

Oro Malibu rests on a serene and peaceful spot overlooking the gorgeous Zuma Beach. It boasts of a vacation-like aura—owing to its state-of-the-art facilities, plush residential quarters, and top-notch gourmet chefs. Other amenities include an on-site Zen room, meditation studio, gym memberships, yoga, hiking, gardening, and a jacuzzi.

Oro House is credited with creating the Compassionate Care Model—which is designed to empower, nurture, and inspire clients to turn around their lives by holistically recovering from addiction. In the words of the co-founder, Bob Forrest, “I want to treat addicts with dignity, love, and compassion. I’m going to be honest with them…”

Oro Malibu leverages evidence-based treatment modalities to facilitate lasting recovery. The Malibu drug rehab offers outpatient, residential inpatient, partial hospitalization, full detox, and extended care. They also offer a youth program to cater to the unique addiction challenges facing young people today.

Unlike traditional rehab centers, Oro Malibu follows a non-12-step treatment program—focusing on the individual rather than group sessions. They describe it as “a client-centered, integrative and intentional community-based approach to health and recovery.” Therapy services include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), motivational treatment, one-on-one therapy, animal therapy, sound therapy, and relapse prevention therapy.


  1. Passages Malibu

Passages Malibu Rehab Center
Passages Malibu Rehab Center

Perched on a cliff overlooking the gorgeous Malibu coastline, Passages Malibu is a relatively popular drug and alcohol rehab center housed in a $23 million mansion. The 10-acre facility was opened in 2001—drawing on the struggles of a father and son addicted to heroin and alcohol.

Passages offers inpatient rehab treatment and detox in Malibu—but in a rather unconventional approach. The founders—Chris and Pat Prentiss—do not believe in the widely adopted and accepted 12-step recovery program. Instead, the Passages Malibu treatment program focuses on underlying issues such as unresolved past events and negative beliefs.

The drug rehab program at Passages is highly personalized to a patient’s unique needs and characteristics. It’s a holistic approach that may include non-12-step techniques such as a physical ropes course, hypnotherapy, and psychotherapy. The Malibu drug rehab center claims to have a success of 80%—but it’s debatable.

One area that Passages Malibu doesn’t skimp on is luxury. The facility is plush right from the furnishing to the level of services. Admission to the Malibu rehab gives you access to a personal assistant and your own team of health practitioners. Other amenities include a tennis court, a jacuzzi, swimming pools, and a full modern gym. Pricing starts at $80,000/month—and insurance is accepted.


  1. Cliffside Malibu

Cliffside Malibu Rehab Center
Cliffside Malibu Rehab Center

Personalized attention, beautiful residencies, a serene setting on Santa Monica mountains, and a view of the Pacific Ocean—this is Cliffside Malibu in a nutshell. The addiction treatment center banks of nearly two decades of experience to help patients lead better lives.

Care services offered at Cliffside Malibu include transitional living, intensive outpatient programs, partial hospitalization programs, residential treatment, dual-diagnosis, and residential detox in Malibu. The best treatment plan is determined based on a client’s unique needs. According to the Malibu rehab, the “treatment plan is designed to support each client in moving forward, developing healthy coping skills, and building a foundation for long term sobriety.”

Treatment modalities are evidence-based—including relapse prevention, motivational interviewing, EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), interpersonal neurobiology, family therapy, CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), positive psychology, group therapy, DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy), and relapse prevention.

Cliffside Malibu also offers holistic therapies and recreational programs such as tai chi, acupuncture, equine therapy, yoga, music therapy, massage, and sweat lodges. Payment options, insurance coverage, and other financial benefits depend on the level of care—but a 30-day program costs around $60,000 (give or take).


  1. Seasons Malibu

Seasons Malibu Rehab Center
Seasons Malibu Rehab Center

Seasons is a Malibu drug rehab that specializes in treating dual-diagnosis, alcohol use, and addiction disorders. It boasts of an ambient 5-stat environment and world-class services—including Cordon Bleau-trained chefs.

According to Seasons Malibu, addiction is a treatable condition—and it arises from spiritual, physical, hereditary, behavioral, and social issues. The drug rehab center focuses on uncovering the root cause of your substance abuse—hence bringing the cycle of addiction to a stop. As part of their aftercare plan, they offer free admission in case you relapse under their care.

Their treatment approach is quite diverse—drawing on therapies such as hypnotherapy, CBT, DBT, neurofeedback, family therapy, eclectic therapy, coaching, art therapy, MBCT (Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy), integrative therapy, psychoanalytical therapy, and trauma-focused therapy. This translates to better odds of finding a type of therapy that works best for your unique characteristics. It also allows Season to improve their service delivery and outcome of their programs.


  1. Inspire Malibu

Inspire Malibu Rehab Center
Inspire Malibu Rehab Center

On the green, luscious hillsides of Santa Monica Mountains stands Inspire Malibu – an addiction treatment facility focused on making recovery as easy as possible. The founder—Dr. Akikur Reza Mohammad—is a highly respected expert in the field of medication-assisted addiction treatment. In particular, he has an enviable track record with regard to detox and recovery from opioids and heroin. (PS: Dr. Akikur Reza Mohammad is a leading authority on Suboxone treatment for heroin and prescription pain medication)

The team at Inspire Malibu believes that each client struggles with a different set of stresses or challenges in life. For this reason, treatment programs are customized to reflect these differences. The rehab center is admired by clients for its friendly, welcoming, easy-going, and high-quality treatment services. Some may even call it pampering.

The Malibu rehab center employs one or more of the following therapies depending on your unique challenges – Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation therapy, neurofeedback therapy, stress management, one-on-one counseling, CBT, motivational enhancement therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, and pharmacotherapy.
Amenities that support the rehabilitation center’s holistic treatment approach include frequent outings, creative arts therapies, equine therapy, meditation, and yoga. Residential charges start at $50,000 depending on factors such as whether you’ll opt for a single or shared room.


  1. Paradigm Malibu Treatment Center

Paradigm Malibu Rehab Center
Paradigm Malibu Rehab Center

Teenagers/adolescents demand unique approaches for addiction treatment to be successful. It’s important to consider their needs and characteristics. Paradigm Malibu Treatment focuses on helping teens recover from drug and alcohol addiction—facilitating a brighter future.

The Malibu rehab center is located in a serene environment—characterized by humming ocean waves and relaxing greenery—in Santa Monica Mountains. Paradigm Malibu Treatment Center has a rapport for its luxurious facilities and intensive programs geared towards recovery. Some amenities at the rehab center include a swimming pool, picnic area, basketball court, athletic field, and extracurricular activities such as dance, hiking, drama, and yoga.

It houses 12 patients at a time—allowing the staff to offer personalized therapies in line with each patient’s struggles and personalities. It’s also worth noting that the drug rehabilitation center supports a co-gender environment—whereby all teens can interact.

Paradigm Malibu nurtures one-on-one therapy sessions—rather than groups—in an attempt to ensure the youngsters are as comfortable as possible. Treatment modalities available at the Malibu drug rehab include art therapy, nutritional practices, equine therapy, movement therapy, parent-effectiveness training, individual therapy, and family therapy.

The facility has an impressive staff-to-patient ratio to ensure high-quality service delivery. Admitting a youngster to the Malibu rehab for a 30-day treatment program costs $49,000.


  1. Avalon Malibu

Avalon Malibu Rehab Center
Avalon Malibu Rehab Center

The Avalon Malibu Mental Health & Addiction Treatment Center is located in a two-property residence, plus a private beach. One house (known as the Cottage House) deals with alcohol and drug abuse rehabilitation—while the other (Grand House) accommodates patients with mental health issues.

The Malibu drug rehab advocates for self-realization—urging clients to take an active part in their journey to recovery. They push quotes such as “Happiness is a choice of attitude” or “Choose gratefulness over regret.” In fact, one of their tag lines is “We Focus on the Potential, not the Pathology.”

Avalon Malibu offers several levels of care—including intensive outpatient treatment, partial hospitalization, mental health residential treatment, detoxification, and addiction residential treatment. The Malibu rehab leverages evidence-based psychotherapies, expressive arts, and experiential methodologies to support patients. Specific therapies include art therapy, acupuncture, neurofeedback, dual diagnosis treatment therapies, sweat lodge therapy, DBT, CBT, family therapy, group therapy, and individual therapy.

All rooms in each of the houses are luxuriously furnished and patients enjoy meals from on-site gourmet chefs. Residents in the Malibu rehab center have access to amenities such as paddle-boarding on the facility’s private beach, hiking, a swimming pool, massages, yoga lessons, and creative writing classes.


  1. Malibu Hills Treatment Center

Malibu Hills Rehab Center
Malibu Hills Rehab Center

If you a soft spot for picturesque grounds and breath-taking sceneries—you’ll love The Malibu Hills Treatment Center. The behavioral health facility offers a comprehensive treatment program—offers by some of the best medical professionals in the industry.

Upon admission to the Malibu drug rehab, patients are assigned a highly-competent team comprising of acupuncturists, nurses, doctors, family therapists, and psychologists, among others. These professionals oversee your progress from the moment you step foot in Malibu Hills Treatment Center—until you graduate.

The Malibu rehab center focuses on intensive one-on-one therapy sessions. The aim of this approach is to dig deep into an individual and uncover the underlying causes of their substance abuse disorder. This includes issues related to self-esteem, ongoing hard-to-cope issues, and traumatic past events.

Therapy options available at the Malibu Hills Treatment Center include holistic therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, art therapy, individual therapy, group therapy, equine therapy, mindful meditation, and Dialectical Behavior Therapy.

The facility accommodates around 12 residents at a time and each admission costs approximately $40,000/month. They accept several insurance plans—but it’s better to contact them in advance for verification.


  1. Summit Malibu

Summit Malibu Rehab Center
Summit Malibu Rehab Center

Housed in a 3-acre resort-like residence, Summit Malibu represents everything good about Malibu—stunning ocean views, surrounded by a beautiful canyon, and luxe accommodation. Their luxury options aim to create a home away from home—ensuring patients are as comfortable as possible.

The Malibu rehab shuns traditional treatment approaches that focus on the physical symptoms of addiction in favor of holistic treatments. For this reason, they actively try to nurture a patient’s mind, body, and soul—leading to long-term recovery and low rates of relapse. To quote the Malibu rehab center, “…it is our mission to heal the wounds that keep our residents trapped in self-sabotaging behaviors. There are many different theories and definitions of addiction.”

Treatment programs are tailored to individual struggles and characteristics. Therapies offered include Jungian (an analytical therapy), attachment-based therapy, narrative therapy, person-centered therapy, trauma-focused therapy, motivational interviewing therapy, Gestalt therapy, positive psychology, and SFBT (Solution Focused Brief Therapy), among others.


  1. Serenity Malibu

Serenity Malibu Rehab Center
Serenity Malibu Rehab Center

Serenity Malibu is a beach-side luxury rehab that stands out due to its dedication to remaining accessible to anyone who is struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. The Malibu drug rehab has counselors who are on call 24/7 to address any concerns.

The Malibu rehab center practices a multi-dimensional approach to addiction treatment—taking advantage of both evidence-based and holistic techniques. Holistic treatment modalities include spiritual therapy, hypnotherapy, art therapy, hiking, tennis, surfing, cranial-sacral therapy, massage, acupuncture, and yoga. These are woven into the medical programs—facilitating mind, body, and soul recovery.

As an intensive and exclusive facility, Serenity Malibu houses around 10 patients at a time. Treatment programs range from between 2 weeks up to 3 months depending on a patient’s specific circumstances.


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