Why Black Tar Heroin Is So Dangerous
Black tar heroin is one of the least pure forms of heroin available. Although few outside of processing houses know what manufacturers mix it with, we do know that the bulk of black tar heroin comes from Mexico, which explains its prevalence in states along the Mexican border like California. Street heroin rarely, if ever,[…]
Molly vs. Ecstasy: The Party Drug
It’s called the party drug for a reason. As it often makes an appearance at raves, nightclubs, and music festivals. Since 1999, ecstasy has seen a 71% increase in use. Yet, there is some confusion over Molly vs. Ecstasy, and what the differences are between them. Both have ties to MDMA, yet each has its[…]
Oxycodone Withdrawal
Tackling an oxycodone addiction is painful. Learn what you need to know about oxycodone withdrawal before you start treatment.