7 Signs of Alcoholism to Watch Out For
Chances are, you or a loved one may be exhibiting symptoms of alcohol abuse. Knowing the symptoms may help save a life. Let’s take a look at seven signs of alcoholism that will keep you from getting caught off guard. More than 38 million Americans engage in regular binge drinking, which is drinking more than 4 or[…]
What is Flexeril and Is It Addictive?
It’s no secret that drug abuse and addiction is a national crisis in the United States. One of the most serious prescription addictions that has ended or nearly ended the lives of countless victims is Flexeril. Flexeril, a commonly-prescribed muscle relaxant. Because it’s so easy to develop a tolerance to Flexeril, many people don’t even[…]
Most Addictive Drugs – The Top 10
The terminologies used to describe the most addictive drugs are often muddled, with one word being used to describe many drugs and few people understanding the differences. A few of these words are opiate, opioid, and narcotic. This article will discuss a few of the most popular narcotics to watch out for. A narcotic is[…]
9 Signs Your Loved One Is Struggling with Baclofen Abuse
Baclofen is often prescribed as a skeletal muscle relaxer for people with serious conditions like multiple sclerosis. Recently, it gained popularity as an abuse treatment drug. Like many prescriptions intended for substance abuse treatment, this drug can be misused. Baclofen abuse may seem unlikely, considering that it’s not an opiate and produces no euphoric “high.”[…]